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Wednesday 25th September

MFW: Sicilian Dreaming


I am always drawn to the Dolce & Gabbana collections and love the wave of colour on the final walk. This collection was no exception with gold sweeping the stage. It held the same romantic Italian dream as always, but this time there was the addition of blown up ancient gold coins mixed with beautiful florals. Sold!

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Tuesday 24th September

LFW: Lace at Erdem


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Thursday 19th September

NYFW Favourites: #3


So I am a little behind in my Fashion week updates I know, seeing as I am just posting my third and last NYFW look – (although I would have loved to have done an Oscar de la Renta sketch – that can come another time) – and we are now on day 2 of Milan Fashion week, post London!

Anyway, here we have Monique Lhuillier’s final look which I fell in love with! I am really liking the crop tops with the high waisted skirts at the moment… might have to start some trend mood boards.

Best of London up next!

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Wednesday 18th September

As Seen: Ear Cuff


Yesterday’s post on Never Underdressed revealed the new As Seen illustration by yours truly.

This time the focus was on the famous ear cuff, and who best to draw for this than the one and only jet setter, Jessica Stein from Tuula Vintage. I absolutely love doing these illustrations, and already can’t wait to show you the next in line…

Until then, take a look at the As Seen gallery here.

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Tuesday 17th September

NYFW Favourites #2 : In the detail


Draped in rustic shades and thrown on layers, The Row did it again. I especially loved the burnt orange fabrics – lazy afternoons in the Moroccan sun anyone?

So we already know the mule heel is making a come back (not too sure about that), but now The Row brought backless leather loafers to the runway at NYFW last week and I must admit I LOVE them!

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Wednesday 11th September

NYFW Favourites: #1


Jason Wu nailed it. I absolutely loved this collection which just graced NYFW a few days ago.

Drenched in various shades of ivory, slate and navy, the collection was sophisticated, polished & elegant (staying true to Jason’s style), teaming sequins, pretty skirts and sheer & silk bias-cut dresses with masculine tailoring, lightweight safari jackets and baggy sweatshirts making everything feel so effortless. One thing is for sure, come Spring heads will be turning!

…and then there was the mermaid gowns. Simple, bias-cut, filmy silk dresses smothered with tulle at the bottom. Perhaps I like them so much because my mind is in full-swing wedding mode, but I don’t think I’m the only one with my eyes on them… I am sure we will be seeing these beauties again!

Since I made this post so many more amazing looks have popped up too – I can’t keep up! Stay tuned…

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Wednesday 4th September

Fall Favourites: Flats


The beginning of September officially marks the end of Summer with crisp autumn days just around the corner. (That said, the rest of this week is going to be a scorcher in London so I’m going to be enjoying these last few rays while I can!)

Anyway, with Fashion week around the corner (yes, it’s back to school) it’s time to start looking at my fall favourites. Lets start with the practical flats – why am I so drawn to these Burberry heart-print slippers??

Whats on the top of your fall wishlist?

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Monday 2nd September

Where do scents take you?


I’m not really one for facials – in fact up until the other week I had never had one. Sure, I have had lots fun experimenting at home with questionable DIY treatments over the years. I remember when I was a lot younger my best friend and I every Friday night after dinner used to play around with all kinds of lotions and potions, new masks, face steaming, exfoliation – probably sand papering our skin in the process and overall doing much more damage than good – if anything at all.

In more recent years I have become much less adventurous. I will do the occasional mask – after questioning the sales assistant to death which is the best for my skin type as I still have no idea what I am. Normal? Dry? Oily? Combination? Problematic? It’s so hard!!!

The other week my fiance went to get a massage at the Aman Spa at the Connaught Hotel on Mount Street, so I decided to tag along and treat myself to a facial – hey, why not! The whole journey there I was driving him nuts questioning my choice “what am I doing going for a facial, I HATE people touching my face, I don’t want loads of stuff put on it, I’m really not sure about this!!!!! I should have just booked a massage!! Can we swap??”

The moment I walked into the spa I stopped the whinging and played it cool. I changed into my dressing gown and slippers, sat on the chair with my mint tea and honey while I had my consultation and foot massage to start – ok this is pretty nice… The lovely facialist explained to me the process of the facial and how all their ingredients and products are natural. I really started to like the sound of this…

It really was the most wonderful experience! Lying on the bed with my eyes closed, not only did I completely relax, but what I found so amazing was the smells. Isn’t it crazy how smells have the ability to take you back to a certain place and time? Lying there I felt I was being taken on a journey – some jasmine scents took me straight back to Tuscany where I just got engaged – the smell of rose petals to my Grandmother’s dressing table when I was a little girl going through all her beautiful bottles – another moment I felt like I was back in Nevada driving through Mount Charlston surrounded by the huuuuge pine trees – then it was Christmas time and the smell of German markets was so distinctive – there was also a flashback to Israel walking through Old Jaffa with the beautiful smell of orange blossom… On another note, there was also a moment where she put manuka honey on my face – yes that sticky stuff you would never want near your skin – but it was wonderful. Will tell you about that another time.

It was just amazing, all of these natural scents, how they can be so nostalgic and reminiscent of such special times. And in the midst of all of this – she gave me a shoulder massage!!!!! I was in heaven. Until next time…



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